Saturday, April 30, 2011

Happy -belated- Easter! (2011)

And a Happy Birthday!

One year ago today, I was lying in the hospital bed just staring at the wonderful little life I held in my arms. My daughter, is all that kept running through my mind. I re-read my journal entry from that night today. Here is what I said, " Kayley Joy Moore. She is 6 lbs 15 oz. and 20 in. long. My heart is so full as I look at her and watch her breathe. To be honest, Mark and I secretly hoped for a boy. (but you can't tell anyone THAT right? Just a healthy baby...) However, as I stare at her, my heart is so complete. Our daughter. She's perfect. My heart is so full."

You are perfect my Kayley bug. I love that you have a big sister who adores you and laughs at the way you crinkle your nose when you smile. I love that you are the little sister to a big brother who tries to carry you all around the house and you more often than not, just let him. And when he lays on the floor, you think its because he wants you to climb all over him! I like that you try to ride our dog, Gus. You look so tiny on top of him, and proud of yourself that you got on him. I am still impressed you thought to do that on your own. Only one years old and you are already climbing things. I love that when you start to cry, which can happen pretty quickly, you also start to laugh in the same breath. It doesn't take much to change your mind into something happy~ I love that as soon as your daddy walks in, you forget I exist. He is completely convinced you say "Dad!" when you see him. You make us all so happy and truly live up to your middle name."Joy."

I had also wrote in my journal what Thomas said after we got home from the hospital. Lauren had asked, "Mom, why does your belly still look like there is a baby in it?" (I'm thinking, Give me a break kid, I had a baby two days ago) Thomas answers, "Because now mom is going to go have a boy." :) Trust me Kayley, now nobody would have things any other way, You are so loved.
We love you Baby Girl!!