Monday, November 28, 2011

And the race is on, and here comes pride in the backstretch

Recently my mom and dad came to phoenix, and we got to go stay up there with them in the hotel, while the men folk (Mark, my dad and my brother Tom) went to Nascar. Thank you Mom and Dad for such a fun weekend. Mark wanted me to be sure to say he had a great time watching the race with you too, Dad. Here are the pics he took.
Lots of burning rubber done on that day. This is a single stash of wheels one car can burn through in one race! ~(OK so I don't know if that's true, or if that's what this picture is really of, but if you know me, I gotta add a little pizazz to everything!)~
Walking right on the asphalt. My favorite part of this picture is the old dude clutching his checkered race pillow. I bet he sleeps with it. (and I am pretty proud of myself I didn't make one "ass" phalt comment.)
Those yellow bleachers is where the men folk spent much of their day. Maybe that's why old dude had a pillow.
Carl Edwards Crew Chief's station. It's covered up because the threat of rain persisted up until about 1 p.m then the sun beat down and the race was on!
This was how close they got to be. Mark said you had to wear earplugs because of how loud it gets.
The men folk were able to get "pit passes." Apparently though the "pit pass," is not nearly as cool as the "garage pit pass." So here are people looking down on what they thought they were getting. .........Next time.........
This one's for Thomas. Mark had to show him that "Mac" was there! He believed him too.
More Tires.....Aflac style.I think this picture is very cool! I promise that wasn't sarcasm, I really do think this picture is neat. Again,just want to say "Thank you mom and dad for fun memories!" Love you and I hope you like these pictures.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

in the babes view

Hi~ Kayley here. Since my mom doesn't seem to be blogging as much as she use too, I thought I'd take a turn at it and share some food for thought. mmmm food. Here are my lessons I have learned this weekend. The picture above is me with my cousin Jacob. I met him when I was just a little baby. Now we are both grown up and walking and talking. No one else seems to understand what we say though, so we just look at them funny and both just laugh. Mom says we are going to be best friends.
Lesson #1: take note of the number of teeth before you stick your finger in another babies mouth
lesson #2 Babies will bite when you stick your finger in their mouth, no matter how cute they are.
lesson #3 : it hurts but only for a second. However if you make a pouty face, grandpa will kiss it better.
Lesson #4 : you can pee and bounce at the same time. I did. I bet grandma did too. just kidding.
Lesson #5 When your mom wears a cute knit hat, don't pull on it, because she thinks its annoying. Lets be honest here though, I am what makes this picture cute.
My last and final lesson.