Thursday, October 22, 2009

some more s'moores!

The dads learned this weekend that if you want to go fishing with kids, it is best to actually not put a hook on. Otherwise you spend your time just detangling all day.
I remember when catching seaweed was awesome too! Quade was so proud. Lauren and Ben actually did catch a fish each so that was cool!

goofy faces! And Quade digging for gold.

Best friends

I included this picture because Mark told the kids a story about an old cowboy who left his hat, but no one knows what happen to him. They loved it! Thomas still asks to hear it, and then he wonders why Mark took the cowboys hat.


Quade and Thomas. These two can be best buddies, most days. Sometimes they act like normal 3/4 years olds and fight. But generally they take care of each other.
All the S'moores in one place!

Give this Little boy a car and he is content for hours! My nephew Jarrett. He's so cute.Lauren and baby Dillion. She was a baby hog.
Ben and Lauren helping Jarrett go fish. This is my favorite pic.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

for theresa

I always wanted a hole to china

Thomas said "mom do we have a shovel?" I didn't know he was trying to bury his sister....Hanging out in his fox hole!


Our cousin, Sarah turned 14. We did a "Harry Potter" themed party because this girl eats, drink, and lives-Harry Potter. At least for now, we'll see what her next fascnination is. It was fun. Once you entered my door (hogwarts by way of passage..) you had to use a brittish accent. That was exhausting keeping up but tons of fun!
Here they are with their brooms. We played musical brooms, and limbo, and carry an egg on a spoon while flying on your broom. Everyone was sorted by the sorting hat into Slytherin or Gryffindor. We also did HP trivia, regrettably Slytherin won most events.
This is a card puzzle that you design however you want, but takes lots of time and little pieces. Sarah and I stayed up 'till midnight but it turned out great!
mad eyed moody cake looked AWESOME! Thank you Theresa

Sweet Sarah. I can't tell by her smile if she liked it or not...!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Yesterday Lauren lost her second bottom tooth, and I said tonight to Thomas, "Hey time to go put jammies on and brush teeth." He replied, "I don't want to brush my teeth, I want them to fall out like Laurens." Guess the ol' saying stuck with him, "Better brush or your teeth will fall out!"

Sunday, October 4, 2009


After the game......exhausted and ready to play with cousins for our cousins sleepover. They were asleep by 10:oo. Pretty good for 5 and 4 years old hyped up on sugar,except Lauren,who looks like a zombie right here Little crown bearers Lauren and Aiden. It was their job to give the new king/queen their crown
Pretty princess getting ready to do the hand-off
Right before we left Lauren said "I am kinda nervous, but not really. Maybe a little."
In the homecoming parade before the game. She had so much fun and was glad to get to be a part of it all.

Thanks to my friend Carol Guthrie for doing her hair and making her feel so beautiful. And her bff Kate for letting her borrow your pretty dress! I love to see her smile!