Sunday, January 15, 2012

White dress #2

Must be a mom thing, but this picture makes me tear up a little. Our sweet pea of a daughter was baptized on December 27th. Leading up to this day, Mark and I would talk to her about the important decision this is. I am a convert to the church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints. I was baptized when I was 15. I remember at the age of 12 taking the missionary lessons as a family, and wanting to be baptized then. However, my parents in their wisdom, wanted me (us) to wait until I knew more. I appreciate that now so much. Baptism is not a light promise one makes to the Lord. When I finally decided to be baptized, I remember the night before, my dad coming in my room, & sitting on my bed. He started talking to me about what an important decision it is to be baptized & to go to church. He told me that he doesn't know if the Mormon church is the only true church, but he does believe that if there is a church closest to Christ, it would be that one. He also told me that joining that church, if that's what I really want to do, I need to take it serious. He said,"It is not just a "Sunday church." It is one you have to live everyday." I have thought about that so much, as my own testimony grows a little everyday.
Being baptized into the "Mormon" church has been such a blessing to me in my life. On Sunday, and Everyday. I wanted Lauren to have the opportunity to really think about being baptized. I talked to her beforehand. I told her that if she didn't feel ready, she didn't have to do it yet. I asked her why SHE wanted to be baptized. She replied, text book primary answer, "because Jesus did." I replied, "That's right. But why do YOU want to be." She looked up at me, pondered a moment and then with such surety in her eyes, said " I want the gift of the holy ghost." She is such a shining light to me. That sweet girl, just last night, was throwing up, and in the middle of doing so says, "Mom I want to say a prayer." She knew that through prayer, the holy ghost would bring her comfort. She surprises me so much with her quiet confidence. She has no problem getting up in sacrament and bearing her testimony. She tells me, at school some kids don't understand why she believes in Jesus. She says she tells them "Because I know He loves me." She is strong in her faith. I hope and pray she holds onto that throughout her life. Not just on Sunday, but everyday.

Monday, November 28, 2011

And the race is on, and here comes pride in the backstretch

Recently my mom and dad came to phoenix, and we got to go stay up there with them in the hotel, while the men folk (Mark, my dad and my brother Tom) went to Nascar. Thank you Mom and Dad for such a fun weekend. Mark wanted me to be sure to say he had a great time watching the race with you too, Dad. Here are the pics he took.
Lots of burning rubber done on that day. This is a single stash of wheels one car can burn through in one race! ~(OK so I don't know if that's true, or if that's what this picture is really of, but if you know me, I gotta add a little pizazz to everything!)~
Walking right on the asphalt. My favorite part of this picture is the old dude clutching his checkered race pillow. I bet he sleeps with it. (and I am pretty proud of myself I didn't make one "ass" phalt comment.)
Those yellow bleachers is where the men folk spent much of their day. Maybe that's why old dude had a pillow.
Carl Edwards Crew Chief's station. It's covered up because the threat of rain persisted up until about 1 p.m then the sun beat down and the race was on!
This was how close they got to be. Mark said you had to wear earplugs because of how loud it gets.
The men folk were able to get "pit passes." Apparently though the "pit pass," is not nearly as cool as the "garage pit pass." So here are people looking down on what they thought they were getting. .........Next time.........
This one's for Thomas. Mark had to show him that "Mac" was there! He believed him too.
More Tires.....Aflac style.I think this picture is very cool! I promise that wasn't sarcasm, I really do think this picture is neat. Again,just want to say "Thank you mom and dad for fun memories!" Love you and I hope you like these pictures.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

in the babes view

Hi~ Kayley here. Since my mom doesn't seem to be blogging as much as she use too, I thought I'd take a turn at it and share some food for thought. mmmm food. Here are my lessons I have learned this weekend. The picture above is me with my cousin Jacob. I met him when I was just a little baby. Now we are both grown up and walking and talking. No one else seems to understand what we say though, so we just look at them funny and both just laugh. Mom says we are going to be best friends.
Lesson #1: take note of the number of teeth before you stick your finger in another babies mouth
lesson #2 Babies will bite when you stick your finger in their mouth, no matter how cute they are.
lesson #3 : it hurts but only for a second. However if you make a pouty face, grandpa will kiss it better.
Lesson #4 : you can pee and bounce at the same time. I did. I bet grandma did too. just kidding.
Lesson #5 When your mom wears a cute knit hat, don't pull on it, because she thinks its annoying. Lets be honest here though, I am what makes this picture cute.
My last and final lesson.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

honey do list

In the three days I was home before I left for my visit to my parents, I stayed up late bashing and scraping and sweeping up white tile. Seriously who puts in white tile?! Well I have been talking to Mark about how much I'd like to be rid of it, so one night he came home, saw me bashing away, and in his calmness said,"We're really doing this then." Goodbye white tile. Hello wood laminate! Yes, so I am a little impulsive. My parents gave me this space heater fire place. Isn't it beautiful?!! I love it! Now I have a blank spot on my wall I need suggestions on how to decorate?

TA DA!! My man laid the floor while the kiddos and I were in Farmington. He did such a great job.
I know you can't take your home with you to heaven. I also know that my home in heaven will not have white tile!!!

Summer 2011

Some pics before the blog....... The traditional lunch with Tom. Here he is with his fiery hot red head and my BFF Amber, and baby Jacob!

Going on a train ride in Colorado at the Bar D chuckwagon in Durango 7/29

My pretty girls! Lauren was introduced to "bieber fever," while we were in farmington. Pains me to even admit it.

Jacob got Kayley hugs all the time! He was a good sport. She just thought he might as well get use to it because girls are going to want to hug him alot!

7/2011 Lauren, Kayley and Thomas getting ready to watch a play. Very cool by the way. How have I lived in Farmington my whole life and not know this place existed? This was "Josephs coat of many Technicolors."

My Beautiful mom. Seriously an angel on earth.

My daddy. I think he really likes having critters around.

San Diego Harbor- Sarah, MJ, Lauren, Thomas, Quade and Ben. 6/2011 Below is Thomas and Mark and Kayley. Sorry I can't help myself, but Mark is so Handsome! (lookey there I kept it G-rated)

Well I have just gotten home from a month long vacation. I first went with my family and in laws to BEAUUUTIFUL San Diego. This is my new favorite vacation spot to see the ocean. So freeing and humbling to stand on the beach. The Ocean has the capability to be kind or harsh in a matter of seconds. I thought I might explode from the fun of boogey boarding with my husband (no that's not what "they're calling it these days," we were really boogey boarding.) And then in the same second, HUGE waves came crashing down and I thought I may have a panic attack right then and there of being drifted out to sea. Ok so I am being a little over dramatic, but in my defense...sharks are real! It was so fun. We went to Legoland, Seaworld, toured historical ships, rode a harbor cruise around the, well the harbor. By far my best moment though was the ocean with my family, I don't think that will ever get old. If I lived by the sea I would be found with a good book and a nice tan.
Upon return from the great state of California, I was home for 3 days, had enough time to pack for a three week excursion to....brace hometown! Not nearly as exciting as the ocean, however no matter how old I get,no matter how many kids I have; THERE WILL BE NO PLACE LIKE HOME. I honestly would go home over going to....Europe, or Hawaii. (Maybe.)
I love walking into the front door of the same home I started kindergarten in. The same home that use to have a huge man-made tree house in the back yard that my brothers would throw all my barbies out of. Thankfully that is torn down (the heart attack I would have if my kids tried jumping out of it) and now my parents yard has become my mothers sacred garden spot. (Not so sacred she won't let my kids decorate it with painted rocks though) This is the same house I would sneak out of and just sit on the sidewalk down the street feeling like such a rebel. The same house that two of our dogs are buried in the back. The same house that I got to paint my room in grass green with light mint green splats and Elvis posters. (what was I thinking?) The same house that my best friend would come over and we would stay up late talking in my room, (Her-hoping my brother would stay and keep talking. Me- just waiting for Tom to leave! Just kidding bro. I am so glad you married the girl with two red braids. I like to think I helped ;))
So I love sharing this same home with my kids. They know going to farmington equals happiness. That is how I remember home....happiness.
It was so fun to catch up with old friends, it was fun to stay up late on the back porch with mom and dad. It was fun to go on a ride-a-long with my big brother Jake in his cop car. (If you know me at all, you know that I like to solve suspicious activity. YES ,I very well may end up being that lady in a mu mu with rollers in her hair,calling the Poe-Poe.) It was fun to bathe my baby girl with my worth the wait nephew, Jacob. (This kid makes you feel like to him, you are the most important person in the world) It was fun to go to church and realize that no matter where you go to church, its the same spirit. It was just simple fun to be home.
It was not fun being that gone that long from my husband. And from my home. My home, that I want to equal happiness for my kids. SO that when they are married with kids of their own, they know, as I do, that THERE IS NO PLACE LIKE HOME.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

ode to the plumber

We went camping this last week. The kids have developed a love for camping that I assure you they inherited from their dad, because frankly I like running water and the comforts of my own home. But I hiked up my big cowgirl pants with a big smile and we had a great time. Here is my Thomas bringing me flowers. I said, "Oh Thomas, you already know the way to a girls heart." He replied, "I only love you Mom." aaaawwwww He's pretty precious. (and knows it)

I just thought this picture was cool. I know...I need to get out more.

Thomas on our nature hike. He found two pine cones he was quite proud of. Then threw them over the edge, along with anything else he could toss. ( like a cell phone....don't worry, luckily it was his toy one.)

Mark in his complete element. I was only wondering....."Just how much life insurance do I have on him....hhhmmm" Oh I AM JUST KIDDING!

Our good friends, The Blackburns, met us up there. Here are all the kiddos pretending to fly. It's totally believable, because of my mad camera skills. (Thomas, lily, Daphne, Kate, and Lauren) 5/2011

Getting ready to hike down to the lake for the day.

We went to the fish hatchery which was very cool to see how they stock all the lakes, then stopped to fish and have a picnic at Christopher Creek nearby. That was very beautiful. Hard to realize its the same state as Ajo. I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder, some people like cactus. We prefer the pines.

Mark, again in his happy place.

Kayley and Penny.

We lucked out because Smokey the bear was in town visiting. If you look at Thomas' shirt, you'll see just how much he loves Smokey. He later said, " I know that's not the real smokey. But I still like him."

I told Lauren to make a pirate face. She's a good lil' actress.

They look sweet, but right after this was taken they tried to push each other in the water.

Thomas displaying art work of his surroundings on his chalk board.
I think he likes Cars.

I just love this picture! It did not take long for this little one to find the water. oh' well. She loved throwing little rocks in and I loved reading my book. Win -win.

I have a secret. I am not a high maintenance gal. I don't need the latest updated furniture , house or even clothes. I don't have to wear a lot of makeup to feel pretty. I am not picky about where I live. But I have realized something about myself that could very well make my family, well possibly my husband, disown me. I AM A PRINCESS. Thats not my secret though. Lots of people already know this about me.

I don't like not having running water. I don't enjoy pooping in the woods like a bear, ( I know...T.M.I. but deal with it) I LIKE to feel organized and clean. Some may think my need for a clean home is obsessive compulsive, I just think I like to be tidy. DO you know what is NOT A TIDY situation, but apparently is enjoyable because so many people go???? CAMPING! Here's my secret, you may want to sit down, I DON"T like CAMPING! There I said it. Too late to take back now, my poor husband is in full on shock, I am sure. We even just bought a pop up camper, which I love, actually. I love the idea of it. I don't love feeling dirty, and disheveled and unorganized. I do sleep good though in a sleeping bag. Here is why I go camping little, two little, three little monkeys who really LOVE it! Seeing these pictures though, and the memories we created, I would gladly pack up and go back tomarrow. Well maybe in a month or so.

Friday, May 13, 2011

its a little outdated...TOMBSTONE!

Growing up Doc Holliday was my favorite! I even named my cat after him. (R.I.P Doc.) So of course I HAD to get a picture with him! Wyatt Earp and the boys got their feelings hurt, but Doc said "Now here's a lady with good taste." Before hitting Tombstone, we stopped in Tuscon to fish for awhile. It was a fun time feeding ducks, catching fish.....not so much.

Kayley trying to put Laurens shoe on while fishing.

Lauren, Abby, and Thomas after watching the Gun fight.

Thomas was a little scared to stand by these dudes. Just look at that brave face.

Doc did have some competition, because this guy was to DIE for...hahhahhaha. OK humor me, alright!

AJ and Thomas. Love these boys.

Tombstone was so much fun. Later Mark and I went out dancing, and I sang Karaoke. That was a blast. Thank you Mom and Dad for such a fun time. I will cherish those memories, and replay constantly in my mind the standing ovation I received after singing. (OK so that didn't happen, but a girl can dream right?)