Sunday, May 29, 2011

ode to the plumber

We went camping this last week. The kids have developed a love for camping that I assure you they inherited from their dad, because frankly I like running water and the comforts of my own home. But I hiked up my big cowgirl pants with a big smile and we had a great time. Here is my Thomas bringing me flowers. I said, "Oh Thomas, you already know the way to a girls heart." He replied, "I only love you Mom." aaaawwwww He's pretty precious. (and knows it)

I just thought this picture was cool. I know...I need to get out more.

Thomas on our nature hike. He found two pine cones he was quite proud of. Then threw them over the edge, along with anything else he could toss. ( like a cell phone....don't worry, luckily it was his toy one.)

Mark in his complete element. I was only wondering....."Just how much life insurance do I have on him....hhhmmm" Oh I AM JUST KIDDING!

Our good friends, The Blackburns, met us up there. Here are all the kiddos pretending to fly. It's totally believable, because of my mad camera skills. (Thomas, lily, Daphne, Kate, and Lauren) 5/2011

Getting ready to hike down to the lake for the day.

We went to the fish hatchery which was very cool to see how they stock all the lakes, then stopped to fish and have a picnic at Christopher Creek nearby. That was very beautiful. Hard to realize its the same state as Ajo. I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder, some people like cactus. We prefer the pines.

Mark, again in his happy place.

Kayley and Penny.

We lucked out because Smokey the bear was in town visiting. If you look at Thomas' shirt, you'll see just how much he loves Smokey. He later said, " I know that's not the real smokey. But I still like him."

I told Lauren to make a pirate face. She's a good lil' actress.

They look sweet, but right after this was taken they tried to push each other in the water.

Thomas displaying art work of his surroundings on his chalk board.
I think he likes Cars.

I just love this picture! It did not take long for this little one to find the water. oh' well. She loved throwing little rocks in and I loved reading my book. Win -win.

I have a secret. I am not a high maintenance gal. I don't need the latest updated furniture , house or even clothes. I don't have to wear a lot of makeup to feel pretty. I am not picky about where I live. But I have realized something about myself that could very well make my family, well possibly my husband, disown me. I AM A PRINCESS. Thats not my secret though. Lots of people already know this about me.

I don't like not having running water. I don't enjoy pooping in the woods like a bear, ( I know...T.M.I. but deal with it) I LIKE to feel organized and clean. Some may think my need for a clean home is obsessive compulsive, I just think I like to be tidy. DO you know what is NOT A TIDY situation, but apparently is enjoyable because so many people go???? CAMPING! Here's my secret, you may want to sit down, I DON"T like CAMPING! There I said it. Too late to take back now, my poor husband is in full on shock, I am sure. We even just bought a pop up camper, which I love, actually. I love the idea of it. I don't love feeling dirty, and disheveled and unorganized. I do sleep good though in a sleeping bag. Here is why I go camping little, two little, three little monkeys who really LOVE it! Seeing these pictures though, and the memories we created, I would gladly pack up and go back tomarrow. Well maybe in a month or so.

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