Friday, May 13, 2011

its a little outdated...TOMBSTONE!

Growing up Doc Holliday was my favorite! I even named my cat after him. (R.I.P Doc.) So of course I HAD to get a picture with him! Wyatt Earp and the boys got their feelings hurt, but Doc said "Now here's a lady with good taste." Before hitting Tombstone, we stopped in Tuscon to fish for awhile. It was a fun time feeding ducks, catching fish.....not so much.

Kayley trying to put Laurens shoe on while fishing.

Lauren, Abby, and Thomas after watching the Gun fight.

Thomas was a little scared to stand by these dudes. Just look at that brave face.

Doc did have some competition, because this guy was to DIE for...hahhahhaha. OK humor me, alright!

AJ and Thomas. Love these boys.

Tombstone was so much fun. Later Mark and I went out dancing, and I sang Karaoke. That was a blast. Thank you Mom and Dad for such a fun time. I will cherish those memories, and replay constantly in my mind the standing ovation I received after singing. (OK so that didn't happen, but a girl can dream right?)

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Tomber's Heaven said...

Neiser you are too funny! I love these pictures and you are SO HOT!!!! Wow! You look great! Seriously, love the hair and love the bod! Keep it up friend!