Tuesday, August 9, 2011

honey do list

In the three days I was home before I left for my visit to my parents, I stayed up late bashing and scraping and sweeping up white tile. Seriously who puts in white tile?! Well I have been talking to Mark about how much I'd like to be rid of it, so one night he came home, saw me bashing away, and in his calmness said,"We're really doing this then." Goodbye white tile. Hello wood laminate! Yes, so I am a little impulsive. My parents gave me this space heater fire place. Isn't it beautiful?!! I love it! Now I have a blank spot on my wall I need suggestions on how to decorate?

TA DA!! My man laid the floor while the kiddos and I were in Farmington. He did such a great job.
I know you can't take your home with you to heaven. I also know that my home in heaven will not have white tile!!!

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EmmaRose's Mommy said...

The floor looks amazing! I'm so happy for you and happy you love your home.