Monday, March 29, 2010

The dragon slayers!

serious imaginations at work...Enter at own risk

Watch out any DRAGONS on the loose, this cowgirl/vampire-cowboy/ viking duo will take you down to china town. I think Mark has taught them right about hunting too because if you listen closely you can hear Thomas say "I shoot the dragons for meat." and then Lauren say "I shoot dragons for meat too." I told them to bring it home and momma will make jerky.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

A little Moore please!

Baby shower for future little Moore! Kelly, my mother in law, and Dayna, my pretend sister here in Ajo threw me a shower. It was a lot of fun! With yummy food, a few games, cute decorations and froggy cupcakes! Here some ladies are playing a game where you had to move an Oreo from your forehead to your mouth without the use of your hands..because lets face it, moms rarely have their hands free, but sometimes you just gotta eat an Oreo!One of the diaper cakes Dayna made for me. Turned out really cute and if I have a girl, not only do I get the diaper loot, I also get pretty ribbon for her hair! And if its a boy- Lauren gets the ribbon- win win!
The cute little frog cupcakes that my good friend Carol made...She is very creative! I love frog stuff!
My crown Dayna put on me that I secretly loved wearing, but of course had to act annoyed to wear it! "Hear ye, Hear ye!"
Love this picture of my little Lauren feeling moms belly. Her face lights up whenever she feels the baby move! She is going to be a great big sister!
So appreciative to all those that came-wish I had gotten a picture-and especially to Dayna and Kelly, who were excited to do this for me. I felt like a special little (big) mommy. And am definitly excited to get all settled in with our newest little one! 33 weeks along, (maybe) only five more to go...we'll see! Motherhood is a challenging but the rewards outweigh the trials thats for sure~