Saturday, April 24, 2010


Soon- hopefully this time next week I'll have a baby monkey in my arms. OK- obviously it won't be a monkey..but it'll be a cute little Mark or Denise! I get tingles when I think its a girl, and if it comes out a boy I will be pleasantly surprised...Either way, we are so excited. When your pregnant your body is not your own, I embrace not being able to see my ankle bones, or rib cage, or hip bone....or even my elbows for that matter! I just know that soon enough and its all worth it! (Although I must admit the heartburn I get is enough to make me scream,"why did I do this?" O'well- YEAH FOR BABIES!

Friday, April 23, 2010

There are new super heros in town

Meet THOMAS, the incredible hitchhiker/magician. And his partner in action...LAUREN the "I let him do all the work, including building our fake fire pit" princess!
Thank you Mom and Dad (and Uncle Tom) for the box you sent- my kiddos loved it! I did too, because it made their imaginations roll!