Wednesday, July 21, 2010

gggrrrr blogger- Cameras broke and I can't seem to update my background......someday

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

busting with JOY~

I wish my camera wasn't broke, wish I could capture in physical evidence the joys of my heart. Last night we sat around a fire in my parents back yard while Lauren curled up in a blanket on my dads lap and Thomas curled up in one on my moms lap. I came inside to feed Kayley and then heard spontaneous clapping. I walked to the window to look out onto the dark flickering shadows, to see my parents clapping and cheering on Lauren and Thomas while they "flew" around the yard pretending to be butterflies, only to run into the arms of my mom and dad and their "cocoon's." All laughing and having fun. COMPLETELY FILLS MY HEART WITH JOY. These are the moments why I make the ten hour trip to come home so often. I feel so blessed to have such fun loving parents who are still such joyful little kids at heart~