Thursday, December 30, 2010

You have your house....and I have mine! Lauren with hers...took me 5 hours to assemble. This doll house will go through two daughters and however many grandgirls I get! Thomas with his firehouse.

merry christmas, happy birthday, oh and happy anniversary

Happy birthday to my little Princess. Lauren bug is 7!~ I can't believe that. I think I am so lucky to have Lauren as my daughter because when I get grumpy she says "You need to change your attitude momma." And she's right! She is helpful with her kid sister and isn't afraid to speak her mind. At 7, its sorta frustrating, but as an adult I will be grateful she is head strong! :) Love you little one.Here comes the holidays! There goes the holidays! Sometimes the stress of it all is overrated but time spent with the family is ALWAYS worth it!
PEACE!~ Good will towards milk.

Baby girl - 8 months in her Christmas dress soooo kissable!

My precious nephew, Jacob- I have a feeling this little guy is going to have that smile on his face almost always!
So thankful for my family coming to visit. It is a long trip, but makes me so happy!

Happy Anniversary- 8 years! When things are good, they are great. And when times are trying and it seems it would be easier to "throw in the towel," I am reminded that marriages aren't perfect, but Mark and I are perfect for each other. I just love him.

And bubba playing Santa! I don't think little boys come much cuter than this one! He filled his pillow case with toys and on his own accord, set foot around the block shouting "HO HO HO."
2010- has been uneventful, besides two baby's birth- a wedding- a funeral- a reunion- not really much happened! HA-
Here's hoping 2011 is peaceful, happy and healthy!
God bless us everyone!