Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Sometimes sleep is just more important

My other little princess. She has recently learned to wave "hi" and whenever you show her Gus, our dog, or play with a stuff animal puppy with her, she will make a barking sound! It is the cutest thing.
huh, that turned out side ways. Oh well. Here is the luckiest little girl in the world, because her daddy played dolls with her. Please make note that Mark was the fireman, as to not lose any man points.

Wanted to share this picture for two reasons...1-we were baking cookies and look mom, they love the aprons you had made for them. And 2- Thomas lost a tooth, so for now any time a camera comes out, this is the face he makes. He was so excited the tooth fairy came he woke me up early just to show me his dollar.

We have done some rearranging around here. Thomas is officially the only one in his room, can you tell he loves it. For awhile he had shared a room with Lauren, so that Mark could have his own man room. ( just F.Y.I that was my idea, not Marks. He said that people would tell him how spoiled he was to have his own room to sleep in. But really it was me who was spoiled, because lets face it ladies, if the man don't sleep, it's like having a fourth child to take care of!) I can say that because Mark is right here, and laughed.

But now that man room is a full on princess cave!

Let me assure you that Mark and I are very happily married. And think what you want, but sometimes sleep is just more important! That's right he has top bunk, and we love it!