Thursday, December 24, 2009

chubby girl phase

ok this is for Amber and my mom. This is me at 22 weeks..(5months) I am in that chubby stage where people go "is she pregnant?" Can't wait until it becomes obvious. Amber, when you see me next I will be practically almost 8 months, which will stink because I will be in the "WOW she's about to pop!" stage. Oh well. If I have learned anything from being a prego it is that my body is not my own, so grow on baby!~ love you guys!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

"when the baby comes I will have to do dishes." Lauren Moore

With no bribery on my part she has given herself this chore...which really turns into more of a chore for me because of a water mess and stacks of dishes, but she is (wants to be ) very helpful.

Lauren is six!

Mark says "six years ago Lauren was born and seven days later we got married." Ha ha...he thinks hes funny.(our 7th anniversary is seven days after her birthday, just if you're curious) She loved all her presents and having a horsey pinata! So here is picture overload of my little princess.....
Lily giving it her best whack

Quade, my nephew, taking a turn.

Lauren with her BFF Kate, and little Lily modeling their lip gloss necklaces they got.
Thomas kept laughing because Quade kept saying "hit it on the butt!"
Ben's out major leagues!
Kate has such an aggressive personality, can't you tell?

Little girl Lauren, Can't believe you are already six. I love how out of nowhere you will give me a hug and say "I love you too mommy." Even though I didn't say it to you first.

I assure that cake was home someone at Target.

A new jewelry box to put your special "horsey" necklace in that Daddy bought you. Happy Birthday little one! "I love you too princess."

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Thomas loves to sing..wonder where he gets that from

I tried to be sneaky and hold camera steady..I failed at both, but Thomas is so cute.

Just for Papa and Grandma

For Grandma and Papa! Look how pretty your flowers are...Lauren and Thomas look cute too! just wanted to write to you and tell you Thank you for all you do. We love our bags you sent and love our lightning lights in the front yard. Thomas still searches for "lightnings rocks." can't hardly wait till we get to see you guys again. WE LOVE YOU!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Lauren being little miss grown up with her purse that grandma sent her filled with goodies, even a new pair of high heels! She loves them mom! I believe here she is scheduling appointments.Thomas also got a back pack filled with goodies, I think his favorite thing was his very own wallet. He is carrying it everywhere with him.
Thank you mom. My kids love when a box or even just a letter with stickers, comes from grandma. WE LOVE YOU!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Gus is a daddy!

Lauren and Thomas with their dogs. Lauren said "Gus is the dad and Thomas is amber (my in-laws have a yellow lab named Amber...) and I'm their baby!" Entertained them for an hour! Yeah for stuff animals, and Gus, who is the best babysitter in the world!