Friday, January 29, 2010

Wonder how she'll handle having to share

Forget Lauren and Thomas getting jealous of baby....this is the one I am worried about.

dancin' dancin' dance the night away

Friday, January 22, 2010

I think she's ready

Lauren is wanting to learn so much. I am loving teaching her. She is already such a good helper. Putting baby to bed......

and reading baby story. She really wants mommy to have a girl. We'll see, until then she can keep practicing on her baby dolls.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

our newest addition, we'll see how long they survive.....

These are our dwarf hamsters. I've never been fond of hamsters (or rodents of any kind,) but these little girls (they're sisters) are so cute and fun to watch. Lauren named hers "spot," it has no spots but whatever floats her boat. Thomas is convinced his is a boy (because of how long the tail is) and named his "lightning." I'm not sure where he got that from , ha ha. I am loving them actually. Very low maintenance and bring entertainment for hours, well 30 minutes anyway!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

good dog Gus.

He may not have a brother, but he definitely has a buddy.

Monday, January 4, 2010

our cabin retreat!

Lauren and Ben, my nephew. They have both informed me that they know everything because they are in kindergarten...
My nephew Quade.....cute as they come.

Thomas sledding right next to a trail they made next to the cabin.
Lauren starting a snowball fight......

and an angel...
Mark "snowboarding" Us -desert rats make do with what we got!

Our cabin at night! Gorgeous and such a fun time.

Daddy's girl!

again Lauren and Ben (same picture-sorry)

My cutie pa tutie!
AND here's Lauren mad because she got hit with a snowball. Wonder if it was Thomas?


Santa brought new bikes and a barbie convertable and a firetruck for Lauren and picture overload for grandma and Papa...... Christmas morning with their santa gifts. Lauren ran down the hall waking up Thomas saying "Santa came, Santa came! He even knew I didn't need training wheels and you did!"
Thomas on his new lightning McQueen bike!

anything McQueen this boy loves!

Lauren opening her very own hamper.... they really do love them even though her face kinda says, "HHMMM what is this?"
Bubba getting a superman truck that he loves and actually tucks into bed with him

Christmas was fun and simple this year. I like it that way. The kids were a little confused when I rang the christmas bells to wake up, because I had just told them to go to bed. (we did our christmas on christmas eve because Mark had to work the next morning, and my desire to wake up at 4/5 a.m was not very strong.) They didn't get their santa gifts until Christmas morning so they still got the excitement of waking up to some presents. Thank you everybody for your thoughtfullness in giving! I hope everybody had an enjoyable CHRISTmas, He is the reason for the season.