Saturday, February 13, 2010

Horsin' Around!

Ajo hosted a "Gymkhana." There were events with horses (barrel racing, pole bending, flag racing ect.) and then there were activities without horses (3-legged race, horse-stick race, egg/spoon drop race..) So we took the kiddos and had some fun in the sun! So in no particular order here are pics. from our fun "Kid-Rodeo" day! (Lauren on Charity getting words of know-how from Nana.) This is after being the sun for quite a while
Thomas and Lauren in the 3 legged race.

Laurens BFF (they have matching necklaces and everything,) Kate won 2nd place in pole bending!
gitty-up horses (or brooms!) yaaah- yaah

The kiddos (Quade, Ben, Lauren, Lily, Kate) showing off their ribbons

Lauren's first time barrel racing! (Yeah, I know-Mark is doing all the work. But you gotta start them somewhere. If you ask me he deserves the "best daddy" ribbon for how much he led those kids around on Charity.
Ben and Quade doing the three-legged race

Here is Ben and Thomas who both got ribbons for the "T-pole" race - Good Job boys!
Lauren with her ribbons. She got first in the flag race. Third place in "key hole" run. And fifth place in "barrel racing." She is learning so much and can do quite a bit on her own, but I was thankful Dad was there right beside her :0) He says he should've ran faster around the barrels, then they would've got first....... I think Lauren just loved that the ribbon was pink!

About a week earlier- All the kids at the horses just chillin'. Waiting for Charity to be saddled.

When it did come time to ride, the boys were actually more interested in climbing things!

But Lauren doesn't mind, she would ride all day long if we'd let her.
Lauren with Jarett (my nephew.)

I loved this pic. because its siblings helping eachother. It was a fun day. And considering its Ajo, there was a good little turn out. (Grant our kids made up half the group) But it was neat to see them all riding and having fun!


Thursday, February 4, 2010

Moore happenings

Marks new toy, I call it the other woman... Mom, this is for you. I gave Lauren a dollar and said "go act like you still play with the purse Grandma sent you and I'll take a picture." J/k! She really does still play with it, and here's the proof. (notice no dollar)
Bubba showing me his cool fireman boots. He told me here that " I want people to see this, (the emblem on the front of the boot) that's why I tuck in my pants like this."
So fun! When I am having moments where I say "why did I want to get pregnant again?" I just look at my little family and realize they are exactly why!