Wednesday, April 29, 2009

my attempt

Okay, so for mothers day I was going to take pictures of Lauren and Bubba in their nice clothes with Lauren's hair all pretty and even a ribbon in it..bytheway that's a huge step for this mom. Lauren got a new stuff dog she named Barney (She fell in love with it because of grandmas dog barney, looks just like him.) Great Grandma was going to get a cute picture too. Well my children were not working with me! Lauren was in a bad mood because of the sun..Thomas looks like he is in torture...barney smiled at least.

Pretty sure Thomas was trying to give Lauren a pep talk..."Hey just smile for the ol'lady and then she'll be happy.." (or he may have been describing the wonder of how mater can drive backwards)

Finally this was as close as I barney, no Thomas.( I did get a pretty cute Lauren! But man not even my ribbon I worked so hard on made it in the pic!)

Monday, April 20, 2009

who you callin a rat!

He tries to deny the "Rat Dog," But I know he loves her! Then I moved the rat dog..really,I am not a jealous person.

Time for goofy faces! The camera comes on and suddenly they are full of energy!

Gus, by far the best dog and I've never realized how long that thing is...or how alike my dogs and kids are...

Belle, always trying to be like gus! Mom, is she not the cutest you've ever seen?!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter fun!

Easter fun! The boys got to get wet and muddy! And as soon as they were clean they were at it again. Candice and I gave up, and just let them at it!

Thomas so proud he found one!

Thomas, Ben, and Lauren with the Bunny at their school party. Lauren and Thomas....she always has her arm around bubba, reminds me of my brothers with how Jake is with Tom. :0)

Friday, April 10, 2009

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

easter week is here

How blessed we are to know the true meaning of Easter..In a world where anymore, holidays are void of Christ name even being involved. Can't hardly say "Merry Christmas," it has to be "Happy holidays"..and I just came home from "an egg hunt," party with the kids' school. They couldn't call it an "easter" party because heaven forbid that offend someone. These moments simply motivate me to teach my children the true meaning of why we celebrate the holidays we do. The world turns its back to the idea of Christ existence, I want to bare my testimony of Him though....I am blessed in my life to know of my saviors love for me. I am blessed because He did die for my sins, and yours, and He lives and was resurrected for everyone. We need to believe in Christ and that we can be forgiven. I am grateful for the peace I feel because of this gospel of Jesus Christ. I would also feel ungrateful if I didn't bare testimony of the priesthood that was restored through Joseph Smith. Today, just as in days of old, the Lord does not leave us in the dark. He blesses us with a prophet to help guide us in the awful yet wonderful world we live in. In the name of Jesus Christ amen.