Monday, November 30, 2009


This sweet Baby looked like this- happy as can be- pretty much the whole time! Sweet Penelope.
We had ambition of getting to go to Forks, Washington. ( I know some people may wonder "whats in forks?" Your loss if you don't already know.)
Sadly this is the closest to FORKS that we got!

Oh, but I did get to bump into Edward! YEAH. Only the sign said I couldn't touch him...LAME Like I said, I am a spoiled girl. Thank you friends and Family who let me go kid less to my vacation! It rocked!


So I am a little spoiled, and my sweet husband let me fly to Seattle to see my good friend Trish, who recently moved there from Ajo. Dayna and I had a picture overload!Trish's cute kids (molly, megan, and Evan.)
At a "dutch" mall. It was so quaint and cute and everything...dutch!

We got to go to C-A-N-A-D-A eh? Well the border anyway. Trish on the border.

This was a fascinating piece of carved wood.

Trish thinking metric! Eh?

I don't know what to say for this one...

This was a cool market place. We even saw an old lady with a pigeon on her head. She was homeless, but that bird was probably her pet. I am holding the sign, can you tell it was about to fall?

Dayna getting checked out by two dudes. You know it! Eat your heart out, we were there for the seafood!
Amazes me that buildings like these exist...small town girl. But seriously-man made structures-amazing!

My dayna! Us on the plane foot loose and fancy free! Except the peanuts weren't free...I know LAME. "so is your face!" (Dayna will get it...I don't really think whoever is reading this that your face is lame. I suck at sarcasm.)

Sunday, November 8, 2009

FUN FUN FUN till daddy takes the t-bird away

Could he be any sweeter?
Fun on the trampoline! Mom's (Grandma's) inner child came out and she was laughing so hard..... Papa had to try it too!
We went to Laurens school so she could show grandma and papa around
"Nurse!" Lauren was big on giving shots...She just got her vaccines the other day so this was fun to inflict pain on others.....
At school we also ate lunch with her and classmates

Gave Grandma a pretend b-day party because we won't be with her when its her birthday next month. "It's a Sweater!" (Glad she loves Ajo...made the word "Ajo," on the sweater mean something.) You're so cute mom.
Thomas (Bob the builder) with his sweet grandma.
I am so glad they made the effort to come down here. Ajo isn't exactly entertainment central, (some may even venture to call it the armpit of America) but my parents just bring joy with them wherever they go. So much so, that porch sittin is the best! I love you ma n pa!

Sunday, November 1, 2009


(These aren't in in particular order.)This is turned wrong, but Thomas thought the pumpkin would taste like pumpkin the look on his face, he learned that is does not taste like pie.
Finished product. We are simple minded folks.
Dayna,my twin, and her cake she won.....match made in heaven.
My nephew, lumber jack Jarett. If they had a cutest costume contest, I think he could win it.
Scary faces carving a "punkin." Don't worry Grandma, those are plastic knives... Our newest house guest.

Princess Lauren (again, three years in the running.) And Batman.

Somehow during the night she turned into a "princess vampire." Is it bad my five year old knows all the names of the Twilight characters....?
And Batman became a vampire bat...what can you do?
Halloween was fun. Momma is glad its over, and now I get chocolate!