Tuesday, June 23, 2009

swimming lessons

"Man it gets cold when we get done huh." Ben says as everyone wraps towels around themselves. "When do we eat?" Thomas replies. "Mom, can kate come over?" Lauren asks. Which is the question I hear everyday about every thirty minutes. Quade states, "I like light "sabers."'

Smile girls. "Mom, can Lauren N. come over?"

"Hey Lily, after this we get to go eat."

" Yeah, it does get cold." Ben answers himself. "After I eat I want to watch lightning McQueen." Thomas exclaims.(Which is another statement I hear everyday about every three hours)
Our days stay pretty busy, but the kids are loving learning to swim.

Friday, June 5, 2009


Having fun building a tent. My kids have the best dad ever! When it's too hot to play outside just go camping inside.

Lauren says it is "WAY BIG." Her face doesn't show it, but she really was having fun.
They (dad included) ran around pretending to go hunting. (animated gun sounds and all.) Gus was the bear...Mark said "Lets take him back to camp so we can eat 'em.." Then later I heard Lauren say "Dinners ready." way cute! At least she pretends to cook, that's better than her mom

Monday, June 1, 2009

three blind mice, ok just one blind man

This weekend we went to stay the night up in phoenix because Mark got lasik! (lauren and Thomas in pool) I said "Cheek to cheek." I guess that meant for thomas to put his eyeball in her cheek! On the way home....Lauren was too tired to even finish her chips! Hence, her hand in the bag...(they should really invent a more comfortable car seat,poor bubba)Mark after surgery...Quote from impatient husband "Its not worth it."
Quote next day from husband.."Ok maybe it is.."
I love how bubba is sticking out his tongue here..very concentrated! (playing a car game)

It was a fun weekend and I am glad for mark that he was able to do this, and we got a little mini vacation with our cute monkeys!