Wednesday, June 9, 2010

just some pics for grandma and Papa

Thomas was so happy about his loft bed, he drew a picture of himself on it waving hi Lauren my little "daisy" girl scout got her badges at a banquet. Here she is with her friends. Thank you to all who bought cookies from her...esp. grandma and grandpa Swenk who bought 25 boxes!
And then my Kayley Joy love bug. These are some of the pics my friend took of her for me. LOVE THAT SMILE~ makes the sleepless nights worth it.

She looks just like Lauren did on her blessing day....same dress and head band too :) Dad~ I thought of Grandma alot on that day. When I had Lauren she told me she wanted to buy her blessing gown. Now both of my daughters got to wear it....a pretty dress from Great Grandma.

This one is my favorite. You would think we posed her little hands like that, but nope, that's just how she laid them......she's a delicate little flower. So excited to get to come see you soon Grandma and Grandpa~ get your kiddie pool ready!

Monday, June 7, 2010

I love being this mans wife! Baby Kayley Joy was blessed on Sunday. I felt such gratitude in my heart for getting to be married to my sweet husband who honors his preisthood. My kiddos are so lucky, as am I.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Disneyland and the beach!

My lucky kiddos recently got to go on vacation with their cousins, aunt and uncle and Nana and Papa to Disneyland and the beach! They had a blast
lady bug, lady bug fly away home

This is what happens after a long fun day in the sun! He's so cute

All the cousins. Yep, Lauren is the only princess there. We needed another girl for this brood :)
Quade (surprised he doesn't have a leash back pack on) Ben, Lauren, Jarett, and Thomas.

Getting chauffeured by her cousin Jarett!
Bubba pulling the sword out of the Stone.....
Laurens favorite part....meeting her favorite princess dressed up just like her! I still can't figure out who had more fun here....Nana or Lauren?

Thank you Kelly and Dennis for taking them along. They loved it, and I loved the staycation I got...But I was ready for them to come bcak home after just one day :)

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Whats on my mind?

Today I am thinking about what an awesome husband I have! I said one day "Love, I'd like to get the kiddos loft beds sometime." And he said "I will make some." And I thought OK...that means sometime in a year,I'll organize their rooms. BUT GUESS WHAT!? He got them done in 2 days!!!

Pretty sweet ~Good job, and I am sorry I lacked the faith :) So now I am thinking today how lucky we are to have Dads
They take us fishing! Have you ever seen a happier boy!?

They cuddle us...and we really look up to them.

And in thinking about Dads, I had to add this pic. of my dad. I just love him!